YouTube removed the video THCulture - Individual - Terror

YouTube removed the video from the song Terror from our latest Individual album. First, they imposed age restrictions, claiming that the video violates their "Guidelines".

After the appeal, they stated that although the film did not violate their "Guidelines" but "it may not be appropriate for a general audience" and the restriction will be maintained.

Then they removed quite a video THCulture - Individual - Terror

Maybe someone has an idea what bothered them so much? Title? Text? Video?

Fuck YouTube!

THCulture - Individual - Terror



start early

to indoctrinate children

and the society

will change

law and coercion

political correctness

supervision and education


an idea that the population

can be conditioned

that people are Pavlov’s dogs

programmed bio-machines

they sell it as

social progress

it’s absurd

and dangerous

the sales department promises

comfort and convenience

elimination of fear

and passive acceptance as a reward

social engineers

create a new species

that won’t need

any laws

people will do

what they should

because their modernized brains

will tell them about it


without contemplation

independent thought



or possible



in all secret operations

on this planet

wreaking havoc and violence

only one intention

to persuade the inhabitants

that people are too dangerous

to have the right to live freely

and have to be adjusted

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