THCulture i Five Seconds To Leave - In Enchanted Circle Tour - Żory - OZI PUB - 20.05.2016

Due to health problems of the drummer of Five Second To Leave that appeared the day before our joint tour, they will not be able to take part in it. We tried to get some replacement but it failed - not enough time. So only THCulture will play. Accordingly, the ticket price is reduced to 15 pln.

Canal666 & OZI PUB invites you to a concert



Five Seconds to Leave (cz)


FIVE SECONDS TO LEAVE is a psychedelic experimental alternative band formed in 2008 in Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republic by formerly members of Czech sludge band Nuit. They creates the spirit of sound through bass, guitar and drums combining the elements of drone, ambient, post-rock, post-metal and sludge. The band has released its full-lenght debut album SoundScapeLandTracks and played together and shared stage with bands as Thema Eleven, A Storm of Light, Asva, Russian Circles, Amenra, Black Math Horseman, This Will Destroy You and God is an Astronaut.

THCulture (pl)


OLD SUB CULTURE - the newest child of THCulture. Further step in extending beyond the music trance-noise-hc-punk. Energetic guitar and polirhythmical drums grooves dressed in electronic skeleton - this is a result of cooperation of Yogi (ex SMAR SW, Didgeridoodigital) and Zurek (ex Agressiva 69, ex Jesus Chrysler Suicide). Texts and graphical covers constitute the ideological supplement for the music - twisted mix of hc punk, scream poetry and ethno - noise. Energy content in words and sounds THCulture is a provocation for expanding the own awareness, invitation to the dance of the body and the thoughts...

20.05.2016 20:00, Żory OZI PUB

ENTRY: 20 pln - NEW ALBUM THCulture - Old Sub Culture (CD/digipack) AS A GIFT:grin:
INFO:, fb event

drawing on the poster: Steve Cutts

Klub OZI PUB - Moniuszki 9, Żory

    Kalis OVA/Karviná 2016-03-31 20:32:47 - CZ

    Czesc panowie. 20.5. sie spotkame w Zorach:grin:

    yogi 2016-03-31 23:30:21 - PL

    @Kalis OVA - Jsem rad Pavel:grin:

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