Concert Farben Lehre, THCulture, Żywica - Staszów - Lotnik - 15.09.2018

!!! CONCERT !!!



(punky-reggae) fb/farbenlehreofficial

FARBEN LEHRE was founded in September 1986. Since then, 11 studio albums have been released. For many years, the band has been performing a lot in Poland and abroad. The music of FARBEN LEHRE is energetic, melodious, full of joy and free from complexes. Sharp, but accessible sounds and a handful of honest words are an attempt to spiritualize with another human being.



INDIVIDUAL - new tunes of THCulture. Texts and graphical covers constitute the ideological supplement for the music - twisted mix of noise punk and scream poetry. Energy content in words and sounds THCulture is a provocation for expanding the own awareness, invitation to the dance of the body and the thoughts...


(garage-doom-punk) fb/zywicaband

ŻYWICA - a decent dose of energy. Formed in June 2016 in Rzeszow, in the capital city of Subcarpathia Province in the southern-east of Poland. A dark and humid cellar was the place where initial structure and nature of Zywica was materializing to garage hard punk rock group. The music of Zywica is characterized by harsh, aggressive guitar riffs, rich and laud drums, somewhat non-punkish bass playing style and sharp, screaming vocals. The lyrics circulates around the themes like post apocalyptic world, human race's inevitable doom, mental disorder, cursed fate of the world itself.

15.09.2018 Staszów LOTNIK

WSTĘP: 35 pln
INFO:, fb event

Club Lotnik - 11 Listopada 201 , Staszów

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