Concert THCulture Old Sub Culture Tour - Łódź DOM - 06.11.2015

Canal666 and DOM invites you to a concert THCulture

New Album THCulture - Old Sub Culture

OLD SUB CULTURE - the newest child of TRANCE HUMAN CULTURE. Further step in extending beyond the music trance-noise-hc-punk. Energetic guitar and polirhythmical drums grooves dressed in electronic skeleton - this is a result of cooperation of Yogi (ex SMAR SW, Didgeridoodigital) and Zurek (ex Agressiva 69, ex Jesus Chrysler Suicide). As always THCulture's texts and graphical covers constitute the ideological supplement for the music - twisted mix of hc punk, scream poetry and ethno - noise. Energy content in words and sounds Trance Human Culture is a provocation for expanding the own awareness, invitation to the dance of the body and the thoughts...



06.11.2015 8:00pm, Łódź - Club DOM

ENTRY: 20 pln, new album THCulture - Old Sub Culture as a gift:grin:

Club DOM - ul. Piotrkowska 138/140, 90-062 Łódź, Poland

    Piotr 2015-11-08 09:28:54 - PL


    Michał 2015-11-08 10:23:32 - PL

    Ja również dziękuję. Na żywo widziałem ich pierwszy raz i czekam na następny.

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