Concert THCulture in Czeski Cieszyn and Slavonice (cz) 19.08.2005

implanted chip and microphone so that it was clear what he was saying and where is that sometimes things do not plotting

Welcome to THCulture concerts, 19.08.2005 in Czeski Cieszyn, Jazz Club, association Liberte and 21.08.2005 in Slavonice, Kino.

Details can be found on the poster, see you...

I urge yachts
all the shamans of the world
to be united
to tell the world
don't destroy nature!

THCulture - Tea Age Culture - Motłoch


Mini tour of the Czech Republic completed. Two concerts 100% D.I.Y. successful, a lot of night talks by the fire, homemade plum brandy and magical leaves resulted in new ideas for further actions. Here you can see some photos from this trip:grin:

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