THCulture - Individual

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THCulture - Individual-Individual

THCulture - Individual - Individual

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recorded at: 2017 Canal666 Studio & BigBit Studio

recorded by: THCulture & Jacek Młodochowski

mixed by: Yogi

mastered by: Andrzej Karp

produced by: Yogi

published by: Canal666

cover: Mirek Iskra


Yogi - voices, guitars, bass, rhythm, virtual instruments, words

Wawrzyniec Fularz - drums


Mucha - voice

Dominik Muszyński - djembe, tabla, darbuka, bongos

Joseh - bass concept

Greg Hura - words

Jon Rappaport - words

Mat Messerschmidt - reading a fragment "The Ego and His Own" by Max Stirner

WWP - words, voice

słowa | lyrics


faster and faster

not slow

slow is no-go

slow is no-go

day in, day out

you wake up and lie

be sure that somebody

pays with blood somewhere

arrogance treads

ahead of collapse

nothing is eternal

you’ll witness

at the moment of expression

of your opinion



all for sale

nothing to buy

culture is the art

of inheritance

the key is where

there’ no (c)lock

faster and faster

not slow

slow is no-go

slow is no-go


simplicity in the tangle

force that has no match

all shrivels without it

adjusted to the program

people consciously or not

associate only within the limits of the system

depend on what is delivered

their roles are not chosen by themselves

such thinking is a form of control

such thinking is a form of mind control

the central image is a lie

matrix appears floats in plain sight

common hypnotic image imposed

to lessen the power of the individual

freedom is the natural way of being

it doesn’t go away it’s the basis

of life which can be chosen

life which can be lived

to understand own power

own energy own dynamics

commit an individual move

towards the gate of power beyond the Matrix




are fed up with


those who have the machine

for printing paper

buy what you own

taking aim with a revolver

you want to know who rules

you don’t need to be figuring

enough when you get to know

whom not to criticize

whom you cannot criticize

it’s how this system

of slavery works

they are the only ones

who can have their own opinion

the rest

has to repeat their opinion

chaos is seed

war is harvest

blood in money

usury is greed

work in slavery

servant of speculation

credit on credit

the core of exploitation



are fed up with



start early

to indoctrinate children

and the society

will change

law and coercion

political correctness

supervision and education


an idea that the population

can be conditioned

that people are Pavlov’s dogs

programmed bio-machines

they sell it as

social progress

it’s absurd

and dangerous

the sales department promises

comfort and convenience

elimination of fear

and passive acceptance as a reward

social engineers

create a new species

that won’t need

any laws

people will do

what they should

because their modernized brains

will tell them about it


without contemplation

independent thought



or possible



in all secret operations

on this planet

wreaking havoc and violence

only one intention

to persuade the inhabitants

that people are too dangerous

to have the right to live freely

and have to be adjusted


plan imperial

exploitation colonial

government global


racism doctrinal

surveillance total

chip implantable


evidence palpable

slaughter ritual

whisper implorable



religion of globalism

Group cultivated

brain-washing campaign

is advanced

the construct of great Us

integrated parts

creates problems to which Group

seems to be the only solution

what’s with your mind

its originality

unique perception

of views independence

swept in a hurry

towards “a better world”

if you don’t belong to Group

the crucible crashes you



individual being

would be troublesome

could tell the difference

between one and the other

to have nothing in common

with what Group thinks

within yourself discover power

of self-sufficiency

or exchange it for nothing more

than an illusion of belonging

civilizations and empires

rise and fall

come and go

individuals stay


such blah blah blah but it’s really all about

step by step

supposedly in the name of progress and crap like that

to introduce human farming

men will be custom-made

bought as products

the new brave world begins

kind of human GMO

soldier, athlete, worker, slave

mascot for fun

the new brave world begins

kind of human GMO

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