I’m concerned with abolishing the penalty for freedom

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BOHUMÍN (CZ) - SATURDAY 14.09.2019

THCulture - Individual - Kultura
THCulture - Individual - Wolność
THCulture - Individual - Chaos

Trance Human Culture

THCulture - Individual

THCulture - Individual - Peace
THCulture - Individual - Group
THCulture - Individual - GMO

people are not there, people are sleeping...
whisper of the wind, listen to deeper...

the wings are beating air... already out of control...


I look to the future like a butterfly before winter, the time it takes the constant passing. Linked to the here and now I feel like a child's time, each moment is very much alive. Ecstatic surprise, ecstatic intuition, ecstatic movement, dance energy fragment. Memory matrix of reason and feelings achieved full independence from the form. I can clearly see, I hear, smell the flavors in the perception of real touch. The wings beat the air out of control, I am whole and sequence.

Do you expect that you will begin to fly, when safely sitting in the seat of their beliefs. It's not a flying flapping wings, dispels the vision before you can decipher it.

It is the vision of independence of being, thinking and self-determination. Turn to the flowing of body and mind voice of intuition, tune into its content in relation to the world and drop out from the tyranny of the structures imposed practices. This awareness of complete freedom!

Vision judge authority, authority wants to control the vision. Creates a social ministry, ministry of defense before the vision. Repeated cycle, structure against the process...


bombs don't kill people... people kill people!

your liberation...
must be the work of your mind...

vision judge authority...
authority wants to control the vision...

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Canal666 is the distributor of the recordings of  THCulture, Didgeridoodigital i Robi Y Loretta

THCulture - Individual

INDIVIDUAL - the newest album of TRANCE HUMAN CULTURE. Further step in extending beyond the music trance-noise-hc-punk.

Energetic guitar and polirhythmical drums grooves dressed in electronic skeleton - this is a result of cooperation of Yogi (ex SMAR SW, Didgeridoodigital) and Wawrzyniec (ex Ketha, ex Rape on Mind).

As always THCulture's texts and graphical covers constitute the ideological supplement for the music - twisted mix of hc punk, scream poetry and ethno - noise.

Energy content in words and sounds Trance Human Culture is a provocation for expanding the own awareness, invitation to the dance of the body and the thoughts...

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